Real Estate Consultancy

S Assocate Pvt Ltd takes great honor in offering you top of the line real estate services. We provide you with the hottest property deals in the market. It is our mission to invest your earnings in lucrative endeavors so that you receive dazzling profits and the security of a safe investment.

Want to Increase Profits on Your Property Investment?

Market analysis is one of our strongest links through which we optimize your investments. We study the market rates thoroughly and help you decide on a customizable plan to invest in.

S Associate Pvt Ltd real estate agency scrutinizes our competition through our competitor analysis process. We understand their sales strategies and marketing mix to enhance our ability to keep updated with the current trends.

For your accessibility, we also offer our services through popular property portals. This allows us to maximize our reach by addressing your means of transaction.

Our services are tied to the hottest real estate projects and housing societies in Islamabad. Guberg Greens Islamabad, Park View City, Capital Smart City, Blue World City, are all ambitious endeavors to invest your money in, and we guide you through our step-by-step process.

Real Estate Investment Can Be Overwhelming.
The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Investment Management

Investment management includes handling of financial assets. It can also involves modes of investments that do not pertain to just buying or selling, but advice and strategies regarding the short term or long term holding as well.

Property Management

Property management is the oversight of residential and commercial property. It caters to all property types such as apartments, detached houses, condominium units, and shops. It generally consists of dealing with land owned by a third party.

Real Estate Marketing

The digital landscape has changed real estate market forever. Being a top of the line Real Estate Marketing Agency in Islamabad, we are your best partners to launch and market your project to new heights.

Transactional Services

A transaction service normally involves a third-party activity that a financial services firm offers when a business transaction takes place. At Deal & Deals, we focus on your ease by offering you clarity and transparency.

Real Estate Consultancy

With all the real estate projects being launched every day, you need a trust worthy companion to highlight all the pros and cons. This is where Deal & Deals comes to play, we are your best property  consultant, visit us to discuss your requirements.

Property Development

If you have decided to launch a housing or commercial project, but you need someone to take care of everything involved in it, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team is equipped with expertise and we can make your project a success.


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